Two-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship in Practical Philosophy

Lund University invites applications for a Two-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship in Practical Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy. Deadline for applications 14 November. “Practical philosophy” should be understood in a broad sense, covering meta-ethics, normative ethical theory, philosophy of law, political … Read More

Annual General Meeting

The 2014 AGM of the British Society of Aesthetics takes place on Saturday 20 September at St Anne’s College, Oxford, from 14:00-14:30. All members are welcome. Agenda: 1. Apologies 2. Minutes of the last meeting 3. Matters arising 4. President’s … Read More

BSA Trustees Committee Election

The British Society of Aesthetics is seeking to appoint two new ordinary members of the Trustees Committee, with effect from September 2014. We have received expressions of interest from four applicants, and their supporting statements are below. All current BSA … Read More

Evental Aesthetics latest issue

Announcing the latest issue of Evental Aesthetics, an open-access, peer-reviewed journal of philosophy, aesthetic practice, and aesthetic experience. Contents: Jane Forsey Collision: The Puzzle of Chardin Sarah Marshall “One Must Imagine What One Denies”: How Sartre Imagines The Imaginary Ruben … Read More

The BSA Lecture Series

The BSA sponsors a series of talks this spring at Darwin College, Cambridge – 20 February –  Peter Kivy, Rutgers University, New York: ‘Joking Morality’. 19 March –  Alexandra Drysdale, Cambridge: ‘Red Vibrations: The Aesthetic and Emotional Significance of Red … Read More

British Society of Aesthetics Cambridge Lecture Series

Here is notification of forthcoming talks in the British Society of Aesthetics Cambridge Lecture Series. They will all be held between 5.00 and 7.00, in the Seminar Room, 1 Newnham Terrace, Darwin College, Cambridge (enter by the main door). 20th … Read More

New Trustees

The society welcomes four new Trustees! At the recent AGM, Paloma Atencia-Linares (Kent), James Grant (Oxford), Louise Hanson (Cambridge) and David Davies (McGill) were elected.  

Small grants up to £5000

Each year the BSA gives small grants in support of UK activities in aesthetics. Past grants have been used to support conferences and lecture series. Applicants must be members of the Society. Where the event applied for is abroad, it must … Read More

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