» » Call for Abstracts: Varieties of Immersive Experience

Call for Abstracts: Varieties of Immersive Experience

The organisers of the interdisciplinary initiative, ‘Understanding Immersion’, invite abstract submissions for a chapter in the  upcoming edited volume entitled ‘Varieties of Immersive Experience’.

‘Understanding Immersion’ is organized at the University of Stavanger in Norway. The aim of the volume is to conduct what is hoped to  be the first authoritative investigation into a general notion of
immersion. While the notion has seen extensive research in the study of  digital media, the project seeks to expand the theoretical resources and to  investigate its application in a wider variety of settings, ranging from  literature over music to tourism science.

Submissions will be selected from the open call by the end of September, and participants will be offered the opportunity to present manuscripts at a workshop in Rome in November/December 2021.

The call can be found here: