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The PJA is pleased to announce the launch of the new website: ww.pjaesthetics.org In Vol. 9, No, 3, read: * Hearing Meaning and Poetry: An Interview with Angela Leighton; by Karen Simecek * Civil Monsters: The Enlightened Dialectics of Othello; by Sam Gilchrist Hall * Kierkegaard and the Dialectic of Demonic Despair; by Ryan Johnson * The Body Thinking; by William Searle The deadline for submissions for the next issue is 1 December. See the website for details. This section of the BSA website is for postgraduates interested in aesthetics. Here you can find the Society’s Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics, as well as information on postgrad events, calls for papers, sources of funding, etc.

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Postgraduate Journal Of Aesthetics

The Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics is BSA’s postgraduate journal, publishing high quality essays written by postgraduates. The journal is published three times annually, in January, May and September.
The pages of the journal have moved! You can find it here: www.pjaesthetics.org/

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Events And Calls For Papers

Postgraduate Study In Aesthetics

Specialist degrees in aesthetics

The UK is a great place to study aesthetics and the philosophy of art; as well as offering general MAs in Philosophy which may involve an aesthetics component, many departments also offer specialist MAs in aesthetics and related areas (let us know of any not listed here!):

MA in Philosophy and Literature at the University of East Anglia

MA in History and Philosophy of Art at the University of Kent

PhD in History and Philosophy of Art at the University of Kent

MA in Aesthetics and Art Theory at Kingston University London

MA in Art, Aesthetics and Cultural Institutions at the University of Liverpool

MA in Aesthetics at the University of Southampton

MA in Philosophy (Aesthetics pathway) at the University of Sussex

MA in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Sussex

MA and PhD in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Warwick

MA in Philosophy of Art and Literature at the University of York

Postgraduate Bursaries And Funding

BSA Studentship Award
The British Society of Aesthetics is not currently offering a studentship award. Previously we have awarded one or more Ph.D. studentship full-time maintenance grants plus tuition fees up to the maximum for UK/EU students, for up to 3 years. The studentship is designed to support a promising philosopher in aesthetics and the philosophy of art, by enabling him or her to pursue full time doctoral research. For more information on the award, please click here

Consult the Arts & Humanities Research Council Homepage for details of the studentships scheme. The Economic and Social Research Council may also have relevant information, and particular universities may have fellowships to offer.