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Contemporary Scenarios in Aesthetics, Artistic Practices and Lifeforms

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The PTS (Pratiche estetiche, Trasformazioni Antropologiche, Scenari del contemporaneo) research unit of the University of Florence is pleased to announce a joint workshop with the Universidade Nova de Lisboa on the following theme:

Contemporary scenarios in aesthetics, artistic practices and lifeforms.

It will be held in Florence (Via Bolognese, 52) on 25-26 May 2017 with speakers Maria Filomena Molder (UNL), Fabrizio Desideri (UNIFI), Nuno Fonseca (UNL), Ubaldo Fadini (UNIFI), Nélio Conceição (UNL), Chiara Cantelli (UNIFI), Claudio Rozzoni (UNL) and Alice Barale (UNIFI).
Please find the speeches schedule at the bottom of the page, don’t hesitate to write me for further informations at: vincenzo.zingaro@unifi.it .
Best regards.
Thursday, May 25, starting at 3 p.m.
– Maria Filomena Molder: “How to draw the grammar of the word ‘art’ in Wittgenstein?”;
– Fabrizio Desideri: “On the affinity between aesthetic and grammatical mechanism in Wittgenstein”;
– Nuno Fonseca: “Contemporary acoustic flâneries: sound art and the aesthetic experience of the city”;
– Ubaldo Fadini: “City drawings. A gaze into 20th century’s dynamics of urbanization”;
– public debate.
Friday, May 26, starting at 9:30 a.m
– Nélio Conceição: “Image-time and redemption in the movies ‘Horse Money’ by Pedro Costa and ’48’ by Susana Sousa Dias”
– Chiara Cantelli: “Cinema as a new perception of the world: Dziga Vertov’s ‘Man With a Movie Camera’ (1929);
– Claudio Rozzoni: “The aesthetic experience between artworld and lifeworld”;
– Alice Barale: “Baroque Sherlock: Benjamin’s friendship between ‘criminal and detective’ in its fore- and afterlife”;
– public debate.