» » Conference: Moral and Aesthetic Testimony

Conference: Moral and Aesthetic Testimony

MORAL AND AESTHETIC TESTIMONY – a two-day conference
University of St Andrews 5-6 June 2017

School II, St Salvators Quad, North St, St Andrews

The purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers from aesthetics and metaethics—especially moral epistemology—to discuss the nature of moral and aesthetic testimony.
See the website for further details and schedule.

Invited speakers:
Julia Driver
Louise Hanson
Alison Hills
Errol Lord
Aaron Meskin
Jonathan Robson

This is a free event. For queries, or to let us know that you’d like to come, please contact one of the organisers:
Lisa Jones lj14@st-andrews.ac.uk
Justin Snedegar js280@st-andrews.ac.uk