CFA: What is Beauty?

Zagreb, December 14-15, 2017 The Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb, organizes the international conference „What is Beauty?“. The conference will take place at the Institute of Philosophy, Zagreb, Croatia, on December 14-15th 2017. We would like to explore as many aspects … Read More

CFA: Science Fiction and Human Nature

Viterbo University (La Crosse, WI) is having its 3rd annual undergraduate Philosophy and Pop Culture Conference on the theme Science Fiction and Human Nature April 29, 2017. Undergraduate students interested in discussing how philosophy can clarify, critique, explain, or incorporate … Read More

Philosophy and Life Writing

Philosophers have long been interested in the nature of the self and in the meaning and narrative structure of human lives. Many philosophers have themselves written autobiographies. Descartes’s Meditations, Augustine’s Confessions and Rousseau’s Confessions are all frequently cited as early … Read More

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