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Applicants must be enrolled in a UK postgraduate programme, or be unemployed within one year of completion; proof of status may be requested
Your BSA Membership number should be on your OUP Subscription document

Details of conference / research visit
Provide brief details of the conference or research visit, including dates and location
Max 200 words. Enter "n/a" in this field if you are applying for research visit funding.
Explain in no more than 200 words how participation in the relevant conference / research visit will contribute to the aims of the Society
Specify any other bodies/institutions to which you have applied for funding

Maximum filesize: -. Allowed extensions: txt, doc, rtf, pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, zip, gz, bz, bz2.
Attach either a scan of your written invitation to participate, or a Word document into which you have copied & pasted your email invitation, including all headers

Applications should be completed online here. If you have any problems please email your application to

There is a rolling deadline and applicants will be notified of results within three weeks of submission.

IMPORTANT: If the deadline you have been given for accepting/declining the invitation is less than three weeks away, you should include the deadline date in the ‘conference / research visit’ field.


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